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Objectives and contents of your German language course

My offer includes one-to-one tuition and group lessons focused on both general and business German.

The levels are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which divides every language into standardized levels. If you want to check your level (A1-C2) I will evaluate you by means of a test and personal consultation.

Need more information on the CEFR levels? British Council - CEFR

The objectives and contents of the course are flexible according to your needs and offer a systematic introduction into the structure of the German language. However, not only the grammatical aspects will be developed. As soon as possible we will begin talking in German beginning with easy smalltalk and progressing up to the intensive study of newspaper articles or business/technical topics.

After your language course you'll receive a certificate of your language level with a description of the course you attended and the level and personal objectives you reached.

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