Language holidays to Germany

A very special “study-adventure” for school pupils and teenagers!

Combining study and adventure. With our language course holidays in Germany, you not only fulfill your child's dream of an exciting stay abroad, but you also give them the opportunity to study German in the best possible way. Language holidays are especially rewarding for young people and an unforgettable educational highlight!

Learning is partly the natural result of daily interaction with the host family but can also be reinforced by a few hours of formal learning.

In short: school pupils and adolescents who take part in a German language holiday not only improve their language skills, but also benefit from a valuable experience that will open up new opportunities for them later in their career.

I will be happy to help you organize your language holiday and arrange accommodation with a host family selected from my circle of friends and acquaintances.

Please send an e-mail to are-info-xya34[at] !
I would be delighted to provide you with more comprehensive information and fully discuss all the necessary details.

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