Learning German, English or Spanish online

Effective and affordable

Learn a lot – pay little: online German, English or Spanish lessons are one of the most modern and cheap ways of learning German, English or Spanish. You get one-to-one online language courses with your personal teacher from only € 30.00 per lesson (plus VAT). Each lesson lasts 45 minutes.

After a free trial lesson the online tution can be paid in packages of 5 or 10 lessons:

Prices for private individuals

5 lesson language package € 175.00 (€ 35.00 / lesson 45 min. / plus VAT)
10 lesson language package € 300.00 (€ 30.00 / lesson 45 min / plus VAT).

Prices for companies

One-to-One online lesson € 40.00 (lesson 45 min. / plus VAT)

Request a trial lesson free of charge with no obligation to purchase classes! Send an e-mail to are-info-xya34[at]ddks-webteaching.de . I look forward to arranging a free trial lesson with you!

Possible methods of payment:

If you enjoy the trial lesson, you can pay for further lessons by bank transfer or by using the online payment system PayPal. Lessons are paid for in advance in groups of 5 or 10 lessons.

Information about PayPal and about how to create an account with PayPal can be found at www.paypal.co.uk.

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