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Would you like to …

  • learn German, English or Spanish online?
  • improve your German, English or Spanish language skills?
  • use German, English or Spanish in practice?

Whether you want to improve and extend your existing German, English or Spanish language skills in free conversation or learn German, English or Spanish from scratch: with Micha Hesse’s e-lessons you can learn German, English or Spanish online with a native speaker / translator, respectively. Flexible, affordable and from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you need a German, English or Spanish course for beginners or advanced lessons: I will tailor your e-learning to match your skills and knowledge. Depending on your level, the lessons can be held in German or in your mother tongue (English, Spanish or French).

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Effective and affordable

You get one-to-one online language courses with your personal teacher from only € 35.00 per lesson (plus VAT). Each lesson lasts 45 minutes.

After a free trial lesson the online tution can be paid in packages of 5 or 10 lessons:

Prices for private individuals

5 lesson language package       200,00 € (€ 40.00 / lesson 45 min. / plus VAT)
10 lesson language package    350,00 € (€ 35.00 / lesson 45 min. / plus VAT)

Prices for companies

One-to-One online lesson        45,00 € (lesson 45 min. / plus VAT)

Request a trial lesson free of charge with no obligation to purchase classes! Send an e-mail to I look forward to arranging a free trial lesson with you!

Possible methods of payment:

If you enjoy the trial lesson, you can pay for further lessons by bank transfer or by using the online payment system PayPal. Lessons are paid for in advance in groups of 5 or 10 lessons.

Information about PayPal and about how to create an account with PayPal can be found at


The online German, English or Spanish course works in much the same way as a conventional language course with a local teacher. The only important difference, and the main advantage to you, is that communication is exclusively online.

Your lesson time is flexible and you don’t even have to leave your home for the online German, English or Spanish course! You also don’t need expensive teaching material for your German, English or Spanish e-course. Your lessons can be adapted according to your requirements and can consist of free conversation, articles from German websites or exercises that I will send to you via e-mail.

This means that your online lessons are always tailor-made and more importantly they are fun – What do you find interesting and exciting? You can personally decide what and how you want to learn.

Before we begin our lessons we will of course agree on their time as well as content. In order to thoroughly discuss these details and your learning objectives please send an e-mail.

Goals and contents of the online language courses

My offer includes one-on-one online courses with general and specialized language focus.

The levels of the courses correspond to the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Language Learning, which divides each language into different levels. If you would like to know at which level (A1-C2) you are, I will determine this with you in a test or a personal conversation.

Courses offered by language and level:

German, English, Spanish basic level        A1 + A2
German, English, Spanish Intermediate   B1 + B2
German, English upper level                          C1

Courses offered with a general language focus:

  • General English
  • General Spanish
  • German as a foreign language

The courses offer a systematic introduction or build-up in the general language area. I do not only emphasize the necessary grammatical aspects, but also the common conversation, which, depending on the level, can range from small talk to intensive topic work, e.g. based on newspaper articles or industry-specific content.

At the end of your course, if you wish, you will receive a certificate with a description of the type of course, the level of proficiency achieved and your personal learning success. Certificate_Micha Hesse_Sample

Courses with a technical language focus:

  • Business English

More than just language instruction!

Job application coaching:

You want to apply for a job and also be prepared for possible questions or even a complete job interview in English? Then you have come to the right place! Through intensive role play you will be effectively trained for all possible questions. Grammatical content is also addressed – but the focus is on consistent application training, which not only takes away your fear of the job interview in the foreign language, but also – by repeatedly acting out the application situation – makes the application itself much easier.

Advantages of online language learning at a glance:

You can attend my online lessons from anywhere in the world!

Your lessons will be scheduled to suit you.

I will tailor your lessons to meet your individual requirements and educational objectives.

Learn German, English or Spanish with a native speaker / translator, respectively.

You save 20% compared to my on-site language course.

You learn comfortably at your home

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